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IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is planned maintenance scheduled for this weekend. There could be disruption to the service between 4pm Friday 16 October and 8pm Sunday 18 October. Please save your records frequently to minimise the risk of losing data.

Grants fortnightly payment run

If you are planning on submitting a claim for payment in the next 4 weeks - please note the below.

• Payment run scheduled for Thursday 29 October 2020
Your claim (client report) must be submitted by Friday 16 October 5pm 2020. (Shorter timeframe due to Labour Weekend)

• Payment run scheduled for Thursday 12 November 2020
Your claim (client report) must be submitted by Monday 2 November 5pm 2020.

Please note that;
• claims must be submitted via the online portal (IMS), through the client report function;
• claims can only be approved for payment when they meet all the necessary reporting requirements and there are no outstanding contract conditions.

Claims for payments can be submitted as and when you are ready to do so (or as required under your contract obligations/reporting requirements) and it will be picked up for review for the next available payment run.